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    "I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I wasn’t trying to hurt myself"

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    When Bucky said “I’m with you till the end of line to Steve and When Bucky heard Steve say "Cause I’m with you till the end of line

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    i think ppl should draw smooches more because basically if you can draw a heart you can draw a KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    i mean these are simple smooch poses but… they are so fun 2 do *_*



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    Supernatural AU: Mr. & Mr. Smith

    Dean and Cas are happily married but they don’t know that they each have some extra-curricular activities on the side.

    And this is the matching fic:
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  8. “Contrary to what we may have been taught to think, unnecessary and unchosen suffering wounds us but need not scar us for life. It does mark us. What we allow the mark of our suffering to become is in our own hands.” - Bell Hooks (insp)

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#sketch #ladythor #thor yay pencils working better today. I want to play with my copics too


    #sketch #ladythor #thor yay pencils working better today. I want to play with my copics too

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  11. [x]
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    The Dark Prince

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  14. @twhiddleston: PS. I have the best fans in the world. (Inspired by x)

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